Entry #10

Disney Princess Stickman Parody

2017-07-02 12:48:11 by crs05

Recently i just finish recording one of my project and several days ago the other animation. In past several months i focused to animate a stickman animation also to finishing the completed animation with voice acting. The tittle is DragonNest : Ice Dragon Nest











It is an adaptation for MMORPG Dragonnest. I take the story from Ice Dragon Nest Raid feature but with a litle dramatic version (well since i love make dramatic thing). This one is completed but because this for a competition the deal is i can't upload it on my own before the organizers release it (if i win)

The Second one is AMIA Special : Three

An adaptation from Disney's film Frozen, Tangled, and Moana.

One day The Snow Queen Elsa, Princess Rapunzel, and Moana get kidnapped by mysterious organization and now they must work together to run away from kidnapper's castle.

The second one is arleady finished. Click the tittle above the picture or here

Both of the animation is used as my entry for StickPage Animation Competition. I hope you like it

CnC is very appreciated

For Legendary Hero is still worked by me a little by little, the main focus for now is to make the assets and complete the recording. I hope everything goes to plan. ^^


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