More Serious

2017-01-08 10:02:50 by crs05

Phew.. i just checked my email and i'm so amazing that LH Upcoming Eps becoming 3rd daily place! 

I've thinking since early 2016 that i must become more serious in my animation. With my condition who still no need to making money for myself and has a pleanty of free time (my collage give me lot of free time, well a pleanty) i must take the opportunity while i still able to do so.

My main target is to complete first act of Legendary Hero and with eps 4 & 5 it all i must do and i also have some plan for the future too.

Done... :D

3 Animation Music Video

2015-12-25 19:24:06 by crs05

Well, i decide to upload my Animation Music Video here.

For now i just only create 3, but later i'll make more


Grenade :

Diamond :

Aku Memilih Setia :

Hope you will like it

Animation Music Video

2015-09-24 02:40:58 by crs05

Another video i've create

the third AMV- Aku Memilih Setia is Release!












Like previous video i've made, took one month to animate this.

hope you like this, watch on youtube

and i have made facebook page, go and like it

Animation tutorial, CnC is need

2014-07-28 03:21:06 by crs05

Hi all

i have try to make dynamic movement by flash, but because i'm still new with the style i need your Idea about my animation quality.

Here, watch in :

And tell me what do you think pleasee...

Amia Eps 3 !

2014-07-22 14:05:52 by crs05

This is it, my 3rd episode of Amia series.
First use AS3
First time convert flash video size
First time making Opening!
well lot other first time in this movie. Hope you like it guys!



Watch at

It is here!!!

2014-01-27 22:42:23 by crs05

hi guys!!

after work and work and fight with many problem finally the movie is release!!

but first i want to say sorry to all because the long delay from first deadline












Go to and see the action of Fidia fight the power of black dragon!

See you next time!


To the Release

2014-01-18 08:21:05 by crs05

Hi all

This is the great news for all!!

The current episode will be publish in a few days, i trying to make epic opening and ending fo the movie, hope you will like it :D


See you soon ;)

mroe info visit

Few More Scene!

2013-12-19 01:14:00 by crs05

HI all

i've work this as fast as i can, and i got some help from my friend (thanks guys ^^).

The battle scene will be awesome with ghoul as enemy and desert as battleground, what could happen if the ghoul was infected with blackdragon power???

I hope this december the movie will done, but if i can't do it maybe early january.


Goto to look some info.

Last Rage First post

2013-12-05 09:30:55 by crs05

Ok, this is my biggest project Legendary Hero : The Last Rage

I've come to the second scene of the second episode, i make deadline for the movie is late december, or early january.

Epic battle scene was imagined by my mind. I can't wait this episode is Out!



The Story about two years after the black dragon raid. Hunting the rest power of the black dragon that spread over the world.

After DragonLord defeat the venomlord, its news immediately spread throughout the world. Fidia the desader, take the chance to hunt the black dragon diamond in the desert. Her goal is to revenge her rival, Saif  from she being defeated by him.

For more info go to my blog